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Founde r, Electronic RQa ctions Treatme nt. Box , Chicago, Ill. Russia n P sychic Investigator, Author. AM Ll N, Dr. Illinois St. ARIA, J. Georg e S. Charles Rd. London, Engla nd. F ellow, A. Gera ld W. Woklng, Engla nd. Box , Boston, Mass. L e Cannet, France. Edwin B. Priest In charge of Th e Church of St. Editor, "Mazdaznan" Magazlne S. Hill St. Wife of Elbert B. Box , Los Angeles, Calif.

Ernst Mother R. John of Jerusale m. Publisher-Editor of "The Martyr's Vision. Dearborn St. Publish er, "Wahres Leben" Magazine. Succeed ed Emil H. Unglenk-Frommannstrasse 3, Leipzig, Germany. Author, Leader, Theosophical Youth Movement. Bl RD, J. Research Officer, A. Fredon C. Medium , Author, Writer on and erlfler of Psychic Ph enom en a. Olivia Alma Phillips. Psychic Investigator. Director, Psychiatric Clinic, Zurich, Switzerla nd. Founder of The Theosophical Socie ty with Col.

Henry S. Olcott, W. Judge and others in See Book List-Died Hancoclc St. BOHR, Dr. University of Copenh agen. BOND, F. Cla rk St. Indiana University. Co-editor, "Journal of Applied Psychology. Fra nce. BOYD, Dr. Thomas Parker. Italian, Psychic Investigator.

Stephen's Rd. Editor, "The Equltlst" -Pho enix, Ariz. Secre tary, America n Psychopathological Associa tion N. BUSH, V. Michigan B lvd. BUSH, Dr. Wendell T. Editor and Publisher of "The Progressive Thinker. Loomis St. William M. Write r on Spiritualism-Puya llup, Washin gton, U. George W. Was one of the two d eleg a tes from U. Is one of the Scientific A m erican Committee of Five.

S ee Book List W. Author on Astrology Woodborou gh Rd. Fellow, Royal Society of Gr eat Britain. President, Psy chological Corporation N. Psychiatrist-San Francisco, Ca lif. Claude William. Mary E. Edou ard. Fellow, A. London, England. COBB, Stanwood. Writer, Publis h e r, L ecturer-Titus v ille, Pa. Daniel P. Psychi c I n ves tiga t or-Boston, Mass.. Russell H. For m a ny years pastor of the B a ptist Temple in Phila delphia ; Philanthropis t.

Irving S. John Edgar. Journalist, Editor, Author E. Maude N. COUE, Emil. Author, Lecturer, Investigator, Psychic Phenomena. Elmer E. Author, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,. Clark St. Tenth St. England; b. Came to London in in connection with the London Times. Homer, B. Box , San Francisco, Calif. Allerton S. Psychic Investigator-Washington, D. New York. Author, Lecturer, Editor, Publisher. Father, James Rodell; mother, Catherine Eastwood. Gustave E. Danelson of Varnamo, Sweden, June 19, No children. New Managing Editor N. August 11 , , at Bloomingrove, Orange County, N.

Philosopher, Seer, Author. Was twice married. First wife died November 2, May Love, a divorcee. In obtained diploma of M. Editor and Publisher, "Psychic World" N. Box , Station "0," Los Angeles, C'allf. Geley's "From the Unconscious to the Conscious," English Psychic Investigators, Authors. Lausanne, Switzerla nd. President, Psycho-Physical Society of Warsaw. Cesar Bandi Ritter. Paris, France. Psychologist and Metaphysician. September 6, , in New York City. Legal, literary and scientific training; degree of LL.

Edgerton and publish ed "Common Sense" Magazine. Maud Pra tt Messner. A uthor of books a nd booklets. See Book List Cherry St. Berlin, Germany. December 12, married George W ashington Glover. Son born September, June 21, , married Dr. D a niel Patterson. J a nuary 1. Pupil of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. Founder of "Christian S cien ce" movement. W, Author, Spiritual Investigator. Frederick, D. Author, Lecturer, Mystic.

Michigan Blvd. Man chester, England. Gustave, F. Progressive Indepe ndent Explorer and Author-P. Box , Washington , D. In charge of Buddhist Shrine in London, Sec. London -lOla Horseferry Rd. Westminster S. London, England, Hon. F ellow A. Fernberger, Prof. Samuel W.

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Editor ''Psychologica l Bulletln"-Princeton, N. Editor, "Unity," maga zine- Tenth and Tra cy Aves. Born F eb. Astronomer, Philosopher, Psychical Res earcher, Author. Outsta nding books, "Death and Its Mystery" in three volum es, I. Duncan U. Psychical Inves tigator, Pres. Unive rsity of Ge n eva, Switze rland. Editor, "How" Haight St. Vi ce-Pres. Institute of Phrenology N. Author and L ecturer Spruc e St. See "Achad. Theosophical Society India in Wales. Emeritus Prof. Pac ifist, Huma nita ria n, I d ealIst, born , married at age of twelve, a tte nded Unive rsity of London, Editor, "Young India" and "Na va Yuga.

Occultist, Author, Publisher, Hon. Gunn ersburry, London, W. Editorin-Chi ef, "La Science d e! Lect u r er on Vita lic Culture W. A c tive metaphysical studies began a t Geneva with Profs. Flournoy and Lemaitre. Establish ed "Revue Metapsychique," by-monthly. Editor, "Der Frledensreich-Bote" G erma ny. Said "Physical Research Is by far the most important work that is being don e in the world. Bernard, New York. Me mbe r "Socie t! Lorraine de Psyoholog! Anna L. Superintendent, Bureau of Lyc e ums, of the Nat'! Astrologlan, Editor, "Astra le W! Society f or Psychical R esearc h; Hon.

Vice -Pres. GOW, David. Editor, - ''Light" magazlne5 Queen Sq. Fellow A. Clark S t. Author, Num erologist and Heale r, Pres. Louis, Mo. R eligious and Social W elfare Worker, Pres. Na t'! L a boratory of Psychical Res ea r ch London. Int ernational New Thought Alllance P astor Dr. Psychica l Resea r cher High St. Leader of Buddhism InGerm a ny-Leipzig. Born Darwin, Lanca shire, England, Nov. Trance L ecturer. Spiritualist Assn. Bureau of Educa tion, Nat'! Spiritualists Assn.

Author, Lecturer and Publisher Warburton Ave. Louis Pine St. Inventor of the "Wa nda" tipping table-Los Angeles, Ca lif. Otoman Zar-Adusht. Hill St,. Los Angeles, Calif. P sychic Investigator. L ecturer, Artist, Vocational Counselor HARE, Prof. A uthor, Investigator. Emil Clifford. Physician, Occultist, Author. Astrologia n, Pres. Box , U. M ichiga n Av e. Author on Rozlcruclan1 lsm and Esoteric Subj ects.

Founder, The Rosicrucia n Fellowship, Mt. Eccl esia, Oceanside, Ca lif. E cclesia , Oceans id e, Ca lif.. Editor, "Ins plra tor" E. Publish er-Editor, "Immorta lity" - E. Edi tor, " P ractical Astrology" Mark et St. HILL, J. Myrtle I. Editor, "The Inner C ircle' ' maga zine. Richard, A. Bran ch of the English Society for Psychica l R esearch, Sometime L ecturer, in the University at Cambridge, U. Author, Lecturer, Seo. Edgar L. Discover er of "Odic Ray" Troost Ave. John Haynes. City, U. Munich University, Pres. Conven ed committee to investigate electronic r eactions. The diagnostic m a chine used In t his ca s e was a varia tion of the Abrams dyn a miser, Invente d by Dr.

Trea s. Magic ian, Psychic Investiga tor, Author W. Numerolo gist, Editor , "Psychonumero" So. Los Angeles St. Editor, "Good Wllll" m agaz ine-Melbourne , Austra lia. HYDE, Sr. Banker, Psychic Inves t! Dakota, U. Aldrich Ave. Society for Psychical R esea r ch a nd executive h ead, until his d eath In , A uthor.

S ee Book! Co-Editor, " P s ychologica l R eview of Reviewl!! SpirIt ua l Allian ce of the U.

Member, Nat'! Author, Lecturer, Vice -Pres. Victoria n Assn. Publish er, "Fortnightly Field Notes" of unbiased comments So. David Starr. P a lo Alto, Ca lif.

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Co -Found er with Hereward Carrington, Ph. Psychical Institute and Laboratory W. Family Estates, at Raykull, Esthonia. London Address, 95 Baker St. Investigator of the h ealth aura of the body with the "Kilner Slides. Halle, Germany. Diploma S. KUNZ, Fritz. American Star Headq u arters Beachwood Dr. Spiritist Club of Paris. Geneva, Switzerland. Box , Hackensack, N. NG, Robert.

Promin ent Astronomer, had charge of Mount Lowe Observatory for nearly twenty-five years. Deeply Interested in Philosophy and phenomena of spiritua lism a nd was frequent contributor to the "Progressive Thinker"-Died, B orn Feb. Member S. F ra nklin, M. Psychologica l Courses, Author W.

Washington St. Investigator, Auth or see book list. LEO , Alan. LEO , Bessie. State St. Harve Spencer, F. Chanc ellor, Amore CoUege-Rosicruc! Supreme Sec. S Octavia St. Magi Za rie! Editor , "Prophesy" Union St. Father of Therapeutic Suggestion. Sir Oliver, F. Bor n June 12, A uthor, L ecturer on Spir itualism, Pres. Society for Psy chica l R esearch, B irmingham, ljlngla nd.

Georg, M. A u thor, L ecturer, Occultist-Peeksklll, N. LORD, J. Marlborough St. Alzamon 1. Nati onal Rep. Sir Charles Burt, K. Officer de l'Instruotion Publique, Fellow of th e Amer. Editor, "The Amer. Astrological Student an d Adept" Lawrence Ave. Investigation Committee.

MACK, G. Editor and Publi s h er, "The Esoterist"-1 L. Rabla Ada. Academy of Astrologians Lib erty Ave. McRAE, G. Douglas, M. MEAD, G. Author, Lecturer and Psychic Wood St. VIce-Pr es. Editor- In- Ch ief, "Psychology" W. D a ughte r of Hale and Allee P. Died June 22, John T. Editor, "The Cha.

Hope St. Vice Pres. MOLL, Prof. Alb e rt. Editor, "The Master Christian" No. Psychic Investigator, Author. MUIR, Mrs. Founder, of "The Gleaner" magazine-Died Nerel, Odon.

L eader, Spiritualist Movem ent, B udapest. NEW, Ross K. Publishe r, "Budringeren" magazine- A h ornsgade, 6, 4, S a l. Theology, Uni versity in Reykjavik , Iceland.

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Psychic Invest igator. Warsaw, Russia. Born Ora nge, N. Journalist, A u t h or , L ecturer. OSTY, Dr. On the Succ On a CHA Name Size Glossary of Terms — leelehman. P S Sastri. Name Size Astro Meteorology Revelations. Name Size Nakshatra Examples on celebrities. Name Size symtoms for moon in 27 Nakshatras. Name Size Spiculum. Name Size Retrograde Mercury. Raman Parvathi Kumar. Astronomy, Astrology, and Mythology. F Abayakoon. Moon's Nodes in Predictive Astrology. Name Size Rahu and Ketu. Name Size Ratna Jyotish. Stock Market in Patel arc and politicians.

Rayudu tips KB My journey into Hindu astrology. Casulleras and J. Alexandre Volguine. Chandna copy.

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Name Size Planetary yogas in astrology. Read Free For 30 Days. Links for All Astrology Documents by Topics. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Ashok Kumar K R. Kaloian Ivanov. Anicent Indian Astrology Classes.

Annie Tori. Bhartiya Vidhya Jyotish. Karthik Red. Jake McIvry. Yves Augusto. Muhammad Azhar Saleem Astrologer. Manuel Sietemil. Andu Abril. Elena Saru. More From divya-crawler. Sastri transl. Conception Pregnancy Delivery Birth Rectification. Popular in Religion And Belief. Diego Zajec. Grace Church Modesto. Table-turning The Devils Modern Master-piece. Biography Of Semantha Mettler. Elements Of Intellectual Philosophy. Phrenology Psychology Pneumatology.

Somnambulen Tische. Table-moving And Table-talking. Spiritualists Plea. Evangel Of The Spheres. Spirit Rapping Unveiled. The Ministry Of Angels Realized. Esoteric Anthropology. Spirit Rappings. Spiritual Library Catalog. Charles Hopewell. Nouvelle Magie Blanche Devoilee.

Mesmerism Spiritualist Witchcraft And Miracle. What Are Spirit Rappings. Automatic Powers Of The Brain. Mysteres Magie Secrets Magnetisme. Supernaturalism Exploded. Messages From The Superior State. Facts And Fantasies. Autobiography Of Elizabeth Squirrell. Book Of Psychology. Book Of Human Nature. The Hydropathic Encyclopedia. Spiritual Vampirism. Spirit-rappings Examined. Rappo-mania Overthrown. The Rappers. True Constitution Of Government. Minutes Of Infidel Convention. New England Spiritualist Association. Practical Investigation Clairvoyance.

The Phrenologists Daughter. The Table And The Turner. Philosophical History Of Free-masonry. Philosophy Of The Water-cure. Mesmer Et Magnetisme Animal. Medical Sectarianism. Outlines Of Lectures. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T1. Baguette Divinatoire. The Infidelity Of The Times. Dods Theory Of Spiritual Manifestations. Epitome Of Spirit Intercourse.

Tables Tournantes. Moeurs Et Pratiques Des Demons. Spirit Manifestations Examined And Explained. Manuel De Lutudiant Magnetiseur. History Of Magic. Alchimie Et Les Alchimistes. Table Talking And The Parsons. Manuel Elementaire De Laspirant Magnetiseur. Apocatastasis Or Progress Backwards. Experiences In The Water-cure. Trial Of The Spirits. Lecture Mysterious Knockings Mesmerism. Corps Aromal Andro Magnetisme.

Comment Lesprit Vient Aux Tables. Constitution And By-laws. Answer To Charges Of Belief. Future Of The Human Race. Fiends Ghosts And Sprites. Spiritualism In The West. Mysteries Of Astrology. Trance Of Marietta Davis. Nouvel Almanach Du Magnetiseur. Magnetisme Et Magnetotherapie. Mesmerism Proved True. Merveilles Du Magnetisme Tables Tournantes. Truth Of Clairvoyance. The Plurality Of Worlds. Voices From Spirit Land. Philosophy Of Creation. Thomsonian Medical Instructor. Astrology As It Is.

Magia Blanca Descubierta Arte Divinatoria. The Lady Of The West. Telegraphs Answer To Mahan. Cause Of The Present War. New Church Miscellanies. Modern Spiritualism. Progressive Life Of Spirits. Progress Of Religious Ideas. Present Age And Inner Life. Question Des Esprits. Womens Rights And Spiritualism. Theology Of Table-turning.

Lecture On Spiritualism. Letter To The Episcopal Clergy. Experimental Investigation. Phenomena Of Modern Spiritualism. Hydropathy For The People. Freemasonic Works List. Spiritual Reasoner. Healing Of The Nations. Conversations Et Poesies Extranaturelles. Spiritualism Defined. Religions Of The World. Address On Spiritual Manifestations. A Manual Of Phonography. Spiritualism Defended. Occult Sciences. Modern Spiritualism Compared With Christianity.

Scenes In The Spirit World. Clairvoyant Family Physician. Essay On Spiritualism. Patriarchal Order Of True Brotherhood. Discourses From The Spirit World. Hand-book Of Magic. First Degree Patriarchal Order. Abaddon And Mahanaim. Psychological Inquiries. Charity Rest And Freedom. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T2. Electro-chemical Bath. Bouquet Of Spiritual Flowers. Address To Christian Churches.

A Voice From Prison. Spirit-rapping And Table-turning. The True Masonic Chart. Spiritualism Versus Christianity. Monde Occulte Mysteres Du Magnetisme. Poems For Reformers. Animal Magnetism And Somnambulism. Farewell To Earth Ryde. Traite Complet De Magnetisme Animal. Uncertainty Of Spiritual Intercourse. Two Eventful Nights. Three-fold Test Of Modern Spiritualism. Child And The Man. Glances And Glimpses. Keelys Facts And Scientific Miracles. Seeress Of Prevorst. Spiritualism A Satanic Delusion. Dealings With The Dead. Spiritualism Explained.

Solar System Of Ancients Rediscovered.

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Magisme Grande Initiation. Developments Of Spirit-rapping In England. Zillah The Child Medium. Manifestations Des Esprits. Phrenology Made Practical. Fulfilled Prophecies. Important Revelations From The Spirits. A Philosophical History. Life-line Of The Lone One. Light In The Valley. Mysticism And Its Results. Spiritualist Exposition Of Psychology.

Discourse On Spiritualism. A Discourse Spiritualism Annihilated. Social Destiny Of Man. A Treatise On Turning Tables. Last Grinnell Arctic Exploring Expedition. Autobiography Of A Phrenologist. Mysteries Of Human Nature. Realite Des Esprits. Wisdom Of Angels Part One. Discussion Of Spiritual Philosophy. Remarks Upon Alchemy. Spiritualism Unmasked. The So-called Table-tippings. Popular Superstitions. Ancient Sorcery In Modern Spiritualism. Levangile Eternel. Spiritualism An Old Epidemic.

Agassiz And Spiritualism. Mesmerism And Its Realities. L Evangile Eternel. Homeopathic Principle. Improvisations From The Spirit.

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What Does Spiritualism Teach. Obituaries Of Robert Hare. Angel And The Demon. Oral Discussion Of Spiritualism. United Kingdom General Spiritual Dispensary. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T3. Spiritualism A Discourse. How I Became A Spiritualist. Bishop Hopkins On Spiritualism.

False Prophesying. Certainty Of Spiritual Intercourse. Speaking In Many Tongues. Outlines Of Geonomy. La Verite Du Magnetisme Animal. Verite Du Magnetisme Animal. Road To Spiritualism. Hymns Of Spiritual Devotion. Instruction Pratique. Magnetiseurs Juges Par Eux-memes. Les Magnetiseurs Juges Par Eux-memes. Boyhoods Peril Pamphlet. Magnetisme Le Somnabulisme. Chymical Natural And Physical Magic. Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle. Athanasia Or Foregleams Of Immortality. The Gospel Of Jesus. Life Present And Future. The Great Controversy.

Constitutions Of The Free-masons. Revelations Instructions Prieres Propheties. The Afternoon Of Unmarried Life. Goodes Universal Dream Book. Confessions Of A Truth Seeker. Series Of Essays. Spiritism Shown As It Is. The Book Of Knowledge. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T4. Revelations Instructions Prieres.

Digging For Captain Kydds Treasure. Counsels On Spiritualism. Anthropomorphism Dissected And Spiritualism Vindicated. Hygienic Clairvoyance. Record Of Modern Miracles. God In His Providence. New Testament Miracles. Place And Mission Of Woman. Spiritualists Iniquities Unmasked. Rationale Of Spiritualism. Psychical Tendencies Of Medical Science. History Of The Davenport Boys. Secret Enemies Of True Republicanism. Who Is The Holy Ghost.

Witches Of New York. Veritables Clavicules De Salomon. The Stars And The Angels. Miranda Souls Numbers Stars. Optimism Lesson Of Ages. Startling Prophetic Warnings. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T5. Whatever Is Is Right. Standard For Trying The Spirits. Medinische Philosophie Und Mesmerismus. On Hallucinations. Histoire Des Sciences Occultes. Magie Au 19e Siecle. Sod Mysteries Of Adoni. Happy Isles Or Paradise Restored. Mysteries Of Freemasonry. Histoire Du Merveilleux. Explication Des Tables Parlantes. Mysteries Of Human Nature 2ed. Two Lectures On Present Crisis.

Christ The Spirit. Christianity Versus Spiritualism A Discourse. Histoire De La Magie. Lexicon Of Freemasonry. Magie Au Xix Siecle. Cours De Braidisme. Somnambulism And Cramp. Spiritualism Tested. Communications From The Spirit World. Essays On Various Subjects. Hints To Inventors.

A Revealed Address. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T6. Electro-hydric Practice. Record Of Mesmeric Facts. Spiritualism In America. Thoughts On Satanic Influence. Stellar Key Part 1. A Gleam Of The Spirit-mystery. Cures Effected By Animal Magnetism. Sod The Mysteries Of Adoni. America And Her Destiny. Lecture On Succession. A Lecture On Secession. The Natural And Supernatural. The Fortune-teller. Clef Des Grands Mysteres.

Authentic Exposition Of Kgc. Lost Tribes And Saxons. Die Mystischen Erscheinungen. Exposition Of Modern Spiritualism. La Mystique Divine. Table Movings And Spirit Rappings. Evidences Of Modern Spiritualism. Handbook Of Astrology V1. Progressive Annual. What Is Mesmerism. Millennium Good Times Coming. Ten Years Investigations. Join The Great Universal Organization. Encyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T7. Phrenologie Spiritualiste.

Astrology In A Nut-shell. Illustrated Practical Mesmerist. Golden Wheel Dream-book. Le Quadruple Oracle. Marriage Of The Lamb. Healing By Hand And Will. Curiosites Des Sciences Occultes. Les Morts Et Les Vivants. Judischen Geheimlehre. An Introduction To Mental Philosophy. Freemasons Treasury. History Of American Eclectic Practice. Exposition Of Spiritualism. Problems In Human Nature. Le Marchands Fortune Teller. Three Articles On Modern Spiritualism.

Interior Causes Of The War. Plain Guide To Spiritualism. Civilizations Inconnues. Epidemie D'hystero Demonopathie.

Athanasius Kircher: The Last Man Who Knew Everything

Curiosities Of Occult Literature. Discovery Concerning Ghosts. Appetites And Passions. Des Esprits Manifestations Historiques. From Matter To Spirit. Dictionnaire Infernal. The Soul Of Things. Natures Secret Sor Psychometric Researches. Memoir Of Luther V Bell. Magnetismo Animale. Red Book Of Appin. Incidents In My Life. History Of The Supernatural. Rosicrucians Story. The Sharper Detected And Exposed. Strange Things Among Us. The Davenport Brothers. Dwellers On The Threshold V2. Spiritualism Musical And Other Manifestations. Principles Of Spiritualists Exposed. Curiosities Of Phrenology. Lamour Maternel Une Mere Spiritualiste.

Christian Spiritualism. Miracles De Nos Jours. Man And His Relations. Dramatis Personae.