January 6 horoscope libra

Do what you can, then back off. Things will come together, but it will take some time. Nobody would blame you for trying to avoid rethinking recently made plans. But others are debating plans, one by one.

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Obviously, this is annoying and, to you, a waste of time. Busy yourself elsewhere, while the individuals in question learn what they need to. Yet, the suddenness of certain recent events meant that, unwisely, you tackled them all at once. While those feelings are understandable, be patient.

Once the dynamic Mars moves into Libra, on the 4th, circumstances and, equally, your views and priorities regarding them will be much clearer. True, initially this may be agonising. Mostly, you simply refuse to let anybody intimidate you. Do so. What they say will surprise and reassure you. It seems that only days ago you were excited about changes as abrupt as they were dramatic. These took place in the past, some months ago. Yet, you remain unsettled. Be patient. The real problem is their idea of this variety of back up is very different from yours. Explain exactly what you need. Only those who know you well are aware how determined you can be, particularly when an idea, plan or, especially, an individual is dear to your heart.

Now, however, either the actual situation or the views of certain individuals must be discussed frankly. Yes, events or the unexpected revelations of others forced certain unspoken issues out in the open. Initially, you dreaded the inevitable invasive questions. Others have been far more understanding than you anticipated. While circumstances will continue to shift, but less dramatically, this clarity will be as welcome as it is timely. At least explore these.

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The resulting discussions raised questions. Acknowledge these. These decisions are yours, and yours alone to make. Since then, however, events have forced you to talk these over frankly and, in some cases, from the heart. What you learnt made you realise how unnecessary those fears were. While this made sense then, things have moved on. To the extent, in fact, you owe it to yourself to discuss these frankly and openly.

Besides, others know more than you think. Finally, events are forcing these out in the open, enabling you to ask a few questions and, importantly, get a few answers.

What you learn could be as much of a surprise as it is a relief. On the contrary, they often clear the air. However, certain individuals seem to approach every discussion as if it were a confrontation, which complicates matters and can be exhausting. Carefully choose a time, then discuss their aggressive manner. Changes, probably within a few days, could shift the focus to entirely different matters.

However, the problem is as much about a lack of communication as it is the actual situation. Tempting as it is to talk things over, for the moment, say nothing. Things are likely to work out, if at the last minute. The big question is how? Ironically, once you begin talking things over, the rest will be easy. The last thing you want to do is upset anybody. Yet your frustration with certain matters that are becoming more complicated by the day is nearing boiling point.

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Say exactly that to those whose indecisiveness is causing those problems. Discuss existing options and, even more, make a point of devising others. With so much in transition, the line between circumstances that are unchanging and those that were once fixed but which are beginning to shift is increasingly unclear.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Libra Horoscope

Not only can you raise these, discussions are likely to be surprisingly uncomplicated. Now, however, you must win certain pivotal individuals over to this way of thinking. Ironically, their attitude is far more flexible than yours. Raise and discuss these ideas. That will do the trick.

The irony is, those individuals who somewhat intimidate you are no better informed than you are. Knowing that will change everything. Being a Libra, you avoid conflicts, although some born under your sign thrive on them. State your case, then back off. That being the case, resist the temptation to battle issues now but, instead, focus on decluttering your thinking and your life. As much of a relief as it is that certain increasingly urgent issues are finally getting attention, the resulting discussions are endless. This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Good luck, bad Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood.

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Enjoy it and try not to create unnecessary conflict.

The planet Venus will come to spice up the life of singles. You will make a meeting that will mess up all your future projects.

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