Cancer weekly horoscope 3 december

They are dreamers and idealists in search for their true direction, understanding and carrying an important philosophy that colors all their moral choices. Dignified and intelligent, they tend to form incredible relationships, especially with rich, educated people and foreigners, and love to socialize outside of standard social circles that might limit their way of expression.

The significance of our physical presence on Earth is deeply accented here, in symbols that show the importance of physiology in any philosophical approach those born on this date might have. In order for their spirit to rise and their life to be filled with more light, they are to turn their attention to natural cycles, the Nature itself, and this includes caring for their physical needs. A healthy lifestyle and a routine that nurtures and satisfies their body is the prerequisite for strength of convictions that lead them towards fortune and success.

Strong grounding is only achieved through a close and intimate connection with our physiology. With the emphasis on the physical world and matters of grand creation, matters of Venus set as the purpose in their lifetime pose as the inspiration and satisfaction they are meant to pursue.

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They need their heart set in place, the love to guide them through the professional world, partnerships and everyday habits, so they can find balance between joy and responsibility and truly progress in ways that make them happy, valued and loved. In their search for love in each aspect and area of life, individuals born on December 3rd will probably approach their romances through a mental system of trial and error, until they truly fall in love for the first time. Their idealistic nature could distance them from the true essence of their bonds and while their perspective can make anything work, they should never settle for less love than they know in their heart that they deserve.

With a strong desire to explore their options, they might get preoccupied with intellectual spheres of contact and communication, forgetting how important sexual side to their bond really is. They need a partner who will make them smile, someone well-grounded with a similar energy that allows them both to see the sensitivity of contact behind each other's fire. They will function best in adventurous relationships that give them freedom to expand their knowledge and horizons.

Very often, they will fall in love in school, college, or their workplace, since they feel like the path of life is meant to be inclusive for all variables needed for happiness, every step of the way. A person born on November 3rd excels working with foreigners and different views and religions.

They are cartographers and travelers, journalists and photographers, and all those who teach and learn through their own teaching. They will handle big projects and expensive things incredibly well, especially when they have the right team to rely on, where people share their way of thinking and understand the direction they wish to take.

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When they nurture their faith, no matter if they found it in a specific religion or not, they give a true sense of belonging to other people too. The right healing crystal for someone born on December 3rd is bastnasite, a stone to help with adaptation to change and manifesting one's dreams and visions into reality.

It is known to boost creativity in the material world, helping them find a way to ground their thoughts and their extensive beliefs and find their place in manifested reality. Aiding the release of fear and unconscious patterns that hold them back, it clears the space for movements towards one's desires. Supportive of healing with plants, it gives a fine connection with passive and essential elements of nature that these individuals need to create inner balance.

Your best bet for a birthday gift for someone born on December 3rd is a journey to a faraway land. The sense that you could not have returned to this freshness of spirit without first going through untold hardship. There is no other way. You are here to tenderize your own heart Capricorn.

This is not easy, futuristic friend. There may be impatience. There may be a sense of wanting to rip things from the ground and feast on them before they are fully ready. Just sit with those feelings and know that any panic you feel about this timing has nothing to do with whether or not these dreams will come to fruition, and everything to do with your lack of trust in your own process. Or the sense that the wanting, the deep desiring of the treasure at the end of the journey, will destroy it- that you simply cannot want something so much.


And know that you have everything you need surrounding you to help birth this tender plan into being. Look around you and reach out for support in the most unlikely places. You are mid-wifing your own birth this week Aquarius. Just be with yourself and incubate this process. This is a week to really dive into this concept in order to blow it out of the water and sing a new song. Feel into the sensation of not doing enough, not showing up fully, of letting another person down. Know that your effort is always more than good enough. The willingness to put yourself out there and just experiment in the world.

As a deeply water creature who is given to retreat, this is major. Every time you leave your house and step into the light when you could be hiding deep under the blankets is a success! Grant yourself the permission to feel triumph about every little step you take.

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More than any other sign, your competence shows up through your compassion. Turn some of this in on yourself this week. Take a rest from scrambling out in the exterior world to get clear on your mission.

What has it all been for? What landscapes are most aligned with what lives inside of you in this moment?

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Just feel into the grayer spaces and imagine what it might feel like to inject them with saturated color. Instead, see them part of the palette as well, but know that you are being asked to move towards tiny nuggets of joy and not shut these off in favor of an overarching grey. What would it take for you to do this? Really ask yourself this question.

What prevents you from feeling joy in certain moments? Is it past pain, or current responsibilities?

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Hold yourself in that space and let that be true, too. What does it feel like in your body to give? To receive? Know that to truly dance with the Universe, you have to strike the flavor of balance between these two that feels absolutely right for you. You can start with your breath. Your sign rules the lungs and respiration, and by noticing how much time you spend breathing in versus out, you can get clued into where an imbalance may lie. Or if your exhales are stilted, practice releasing more into the sense of allowing- letting the world receive what you have to give.

Know that there is so much to go around Gemini and that the supply is endless. In your partnerships, stop keeping score. Every day brings a new formula, a new delicate balance.

Weekly Horoscope - Cancer Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

With your zone of humility, health, and embodied knowledge activated by Mercury Rx, this is a subtle time of really preparing your immediate environment for your own blossoming Cancer. Think of it like a guest is coming to stay with you. Clean the sheets, stock up the fridge, lay out the nice towels. That the arrival of the changes unfolding within you may be at first unrecognizable to you and that you can get curious about this. That you can welcome this new you on the doorstep and invite her in for a cup of tea.

Let it be as natural as preparing breakfast. Just settle in and wait a little bit longer for the arrival of something brand new.

With Mercury Rx dipping into your zone of joyous romance, this week is a juicy opportunity for you to notice where you hold back from receiving all your treats fully. Wrap yourself in a warm embrace and notice any resistance to this. And this week gives you the opportunity to move towards any cracks and fissures in this narrative and to mend them with honey and sweet loving.

This week, let the act of self care be like a private, personal love story for one. Wine and dine and romance the hell out of yourself. Pay attention to when this feels silly or uncomfortable and then move even more deeply into this discomfort. Take a table for one and settle into the sensation of ordering for yourself.